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Congratulations to the Winners of the School Enterprise Challenge 2023

Merit Award

Team: Sanitary Pad Markiting

School: GMS Husir Hochar Centre

Country: India


The ‘Sanitary Pad Markiting’ team at the Government Middle School Husir Hochar in India aims to sell sanitary pads to women in their community. They live in Husir, a village with 4,226 habitants, and they want to make sanitary pads available to everyone that needs them and therefore they plan to provide affordable prices and home delivery. They estimate they can make a profit of $190 USD with their business!

This prize was sponsored by Madalina Lica.

Best Business Idea

Team: The School Reminder

School: High School of Economics

Country: Serbia


The 'School Reminder' team from the High School of Economics in Serbia had a smart idea. They saw that lots of students, including those from other schools, use smartphones every day. So, they made an app to help share info quickly at their school. They made $8,030 USD of profit from it. Their app tells students about school stuff, like what they need to do and events coming up. It also lets students try out their own business ideas. They want to rent out the app to other schools on a monthly basis and make more profit out of it. It's a clever plan that could make school life easier for everyone in the future.

Best Business Idea

Team: Cultural Caravan

School: Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan International School

Country: India

unnamed (2).jpg

The 'Cultural Caravan' team from Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan International School in India organised a themed carnival to educate fellow students about cultures from around the world and the values they embody. This venture allows them to operate with minimal investments while maximising revenue. Additionally, they are committed to sustainability by reusing resources and minimising the use of plastic wherever possible. Recycling and repurposing household materials further enhance the sustainability of their business. They offer a wide range of games and, importantly, aim to promote learning through fun. Drawing from their financial records from the previous year, they devised suitable pricing strategies tailored to their target audience, which proved successful as they made a profit of $816 USD.

Best Silver Business Plan

Team: Detalles Infantiles

School: School República de Alemania

Country: Honduras

unnamed (46).png

The team ‘Gifts for Kids’ from the República de Alemania #2 Educational Centre in Honduras is committed to selling school supplies, following a comprehensive market study involving approximately 200 individuals within their school community. This enterprise addresses a significant issue prevalent in their locality: the inconvenience and potential danger students face when seeking materials outside the school premises due to security concerns. Recognising the broader need within their community, the team extended their services to cater to all members. With a well-defined operational plan, organisational charts, and a robust business strategy, the team achieved a profit of $308.38 USD. Their initiative not only provides affordable access to essential products but also mitigates security risks by reducing the need for students to travel far distances.

Top Global Business Plan Prize

Team: Mbonea Student Bank

School: Mbonea Secondary School

Country: Tanzania

unnamed (47).png

The ‘Student Bank’ team from Mbonea Secondary School in Tanzania has been running a microfinance bank business for 3 years, for students in their school to withdraw and deposit money. This idea was born out of the need to reduce cases of theft in the school, help students to have a better money management and help people in need, as from the $143.76 USD raised the team aims to donate it to people in need such as orphans, street children and other groups of people at risk of poverty. This team certainly went for a very interesting business idea and concept that addresses a big need in their community!

Best Silver Annual Report

Team: Benji Bokados

School: CONALEP 296

Country: Mexico

unnamed (4).jpg

The team ‘Benji Bokados’ at CONALEP 296 in Mexico is dedicated to selling natural snacks and natural seed packets at their school. After a thorough market study with 300 students, teachers and administrative staff, it became clear for them that their products could be successful; and indeed, the team managed to make a profit of $361 USD! While they reinvested some of the money, it is noteworthy to mention that part of the proceeds were donated to a student with a terminal illness and they also donated another percentage to sterilisation of stray dogs and to buy equipment for their school.

Top Global Annual Report Prize

Team: Sky is Our Limit

School: Achara Layout Schools

Country: Nigeria

unnamed (6).jpg

The ‘Sky Is Our Limit’ team from Achara Layout Schools in Nigeria decided to participate in the School Enterprise Challenge to alleviate the financial challenges faced by their families due to economic and political challenges in their community. Their confectionery business, offering a variety of baked and fried products like cakes, pastries, and meat pies, aimed to generate income to support their families with the school fees and provide sustenance.

Their Annual Report stood out due to the students’ reflections to the challenges they faced. For example, during their first month of production, they threw themselves wholeheartedly into their business, only to later feel overwhelmed and lose sight of their purpose. With guidance from their lead teacher, they took a step back to reflect on their motivations, ultimately reaffirming their commitment to their business. Implementing measures such as rotating through different departments and scheduling regular rest days helped them maintain motivation and avoid burnout.

Recognising the importance of customer feedback, they adapted their products to meet consumer needs, such as introducing sugar-free options for senior consumers, which received positive reviews. Their proactive approach to marketing, including online promotion and engagement with the community through school visits, festivals, and events, contributed to their success.

With a profit of $1,297.68 USD in just three months, the team plans to extend their impact by sharing their culinary expertise through a recipe book aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. They remain dedicated to addressing poverty in their community by donating leftover products to charity, thus minimising food waste and making a positive social contribution.

Inspirational Teacher Award

Name: Paul Mubiru

School: Little Angels Nursery And Day Care School

Country: Uganda

unnamed (7).jpg

Paul Mubiru is a dedicated teacher at Little Angels Nursery And Day Care School in Uganda. In 2023, he showcased exceptional commitment to his students. In his first year participating in the School Enterprise Challenge, Paul maximised the opportunity by fostering an environment of free and orderly expression among his students. Through engaging experiential games and tasks, he encouraged critical thinking and inquiry. His business team venture focused on establishing a bottle bank to instil financial literacy in young children, yielding a profit of $148 USD. Paul's role as an Ambassador further exemplified his dedication as he actively promoted the programme and cultivated valuable connections with other schools. His advocacy for education and community engagement made him a standout figure. Participating in the programme also enabled Paul to enhance various skills, including teamwork, public speaking, and communication, thereby elevating his profile both locally and globally.

Transformative Teaching Award

Name: Carlos Humberto Hernandez Escamilla

School: Instituto San Ramon

Country: Honduras

unnamed (50).png

Carlos Humberto Hernandez Escamilla is a teacher from Honduras. It is the second year he is participating in the School Enterprise Challenge with the San Ramon Institute, and for him, this programme is not only about creating new school businesses, but it helps students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to enhance their skills such as teamwork, and leadership. He was really committed to the business team he started working in 2022, that even when he was reassigned to a different school, he kept supporting the students from his previous one and remained as their lead teacher ad-honorem. He understands the programme as an opportunity for something new, and relevant to the reality of his country, that provides technical and systematic tools to the students, ensuring that they graduate as professionals with life skills.

Enterprising Student Runner-Up

Name: Muhumuza Junior

School: St. Joseph's Secondary School Nkoni

Country: Uganda

unnamed (10).jpg

Muhumuza Junior, is an 18-year old student at St. Joseph's Secondary School Nkoni. When he was introduced to the School Enterprise Challenge, he saw it as more than just an opportunity to start a business – it was a chance to make a difference. Initially, he and his peers established a business to make and sell chalks, but Muhumuza wanted to do more.

Muhumuza launched his own small-scale piggery project at home. Despite the challenges posed by poor soils, he saw an opportunity to utilise organic manure to improve agricultural activities for his family and neighbours.
He also wants more young people to become entrepreneurs, so he started his own banking business to lend young people money and they can repay with low interest. To be able to keep up with the business he took a soft loan from his parents and paid it back after a while; they are now partners in the business and he is proud of it.

Muhumuza became a leader within his school, serving as the Chairman of the Entrepreneurship savings scheme and encouraged fellow students and team members to save and invest in their futures. He inspired his peers and community members to follow suit and earned him recognition both at school and within the community.

Sustainable Development Goals

Team: Naivedyam

School: Evergreen Public School

Country: India

unnamed (12).jpg

The team 'Naivedyam' from Evergreen Public School in India prepares and sells homemade, fresh, and nutritious food to their fellow students as an alternative to packaged and processed meals. Additionally, they offer ecological soaps to promote hygiene without harmful chemicals. With a profit of $1,557.25 USD, this team champions the Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Wellbeing. They use their profits to organise workshops addressing various health issues, conduct general health check-ups for students, and lead awareness campaigns on dental and menstrual hygiene within their community.

Sustainable Development Goals

Team: Vedakshar-#Teach-n-Learn

School: VVDAV Public School

Country: India

unnamed (13).jpg

The team 'Vedakshar-#Teach-n-Learn' from VVDAV Public School in India is dedicated to bridging the digital divide among senior citizens. They serve as trainers and mentors, conducting tailored web training sessions for elderly individuals who live alone and depend on others for basic necessities such as transportation, groceries, and medication. Through their efforts, they champion the Sustainable Development Goal of reduced inequalities. In addition to fostering independence among the elderly, these interactions bring joy and motivation to them, while also teaching the young students valuable lessons in respect, empathy, and communication skills. As a result of their initiative, they have generated a profit of $313.36 USD.

Best Business Idea

Team: Greenoric Business Enterprise

School: Immaculate Heart Secondary School

Country: Uganda

unnamed (44).png

The team 'Greenoric Business Enterprise' from Immaculate Heart Secondary School in Uganda conducted extensive market research within their community and neighbouring schools. They discovered that traders were facing challenges, having to travel long distances to purchase chalk at high prices, consequently leading to inflated costs in the local market. In response, they decided to become catalysts for change by initiating the production and supply of chalk to reduce costs for both traders and schools. Their environmentally friendly chalk not only benefits the community by offering a non-toxic alternative but also empowers them to actively participate in and contribute to their local economy. This business idea allows them to offer the product at a more affordable price, making a positive impact on both the environment and the community.

Best Business Idea

Team: Cine Escolar (School Cinema)

School: CEB Miguel Paz Barahona

Country: Honduras

unnamed (1).jpg

The 'School Cinema' initiative by the team from CEB Miguel Paz Barahona in Honduras was born out of the absence of entertainment options in their community, particularly the lack of nearby movie theatres. Recognising this need, the students took the initiative to establish a school cinema, providing a safe and accessible entertainment venue for their community. In addition to selling tickets to their screenings, the students diversified their offerings by providing associated products such as popcorn, food, and beverages. They also invested in a popcorn machine, which not only enhanced their operational efficiency but also added a unique charm to the cinema experience. This initiative showcases the students' capacity for innovation and leadership, offering hope in areas facing exclusion. In just three months, the initiative generated a profit of $820 USD, making it a highly successful business venture.

Best Bronze Business Plan

Team: Baking Mandaz

School: Aringa Secondary School

Country: Uganda

unnamed (45).png

The team ‘Baking Mandaz’ from Aringa Secondary School in Uganda bakes and sells “mandazi”, a type of fried bread originating from the Swahili coast in East Africa. This team conducted a market research to know more about the taste of their potential customers and found that they wanted a different version from the original bread, so they made their own recipe by adding new ingredients: lemon and milk. Now, their product is different from the rest. In their market research, the team also found that there was a need in their community for healthy meals, especially breakfast.  So their business fits right in their market! Step by step, their business became a reality. Started with purchasing the ingredients, elaborating the mandazi, advertising it and finally selling it. The team made a profit of $54.73 USD! This team is an example of how to use business and cooking skills to cover a necessity in your community.

Best Gold Business Plan

Team: Wellness (Swastik)

School: Bosco Public School

Country: India

unnamed (3).jpg

The 'Wellness' team from Bosco Public School in India started participating in the School Enterprise Challenge journey in 2022. Leveraging their insights from that year and from a meticulous market research involving over 100 individuals, they identified a nice opportunity. Expanding their product range to include herbal soaps and incense cups crafted from discarded flowers, they embraced the ethos of sustainability and craftsmanship. By prioritising natural ingredients and handmade craftsmanship, the team not only demonstrated environmental consciousness but also resonated with consumers seeking wellness products. Their understanding of their customers through their market research resulted in a commendable profit of $873 USD.

Best Bronze Annual Report

Team: ILEX

School: Mbaracayu Educational Centre

Country: Paraguay

unnamed (48).png

The ‘ILEX - Artisan Yerba Mate Soap’ team from the Mbaracayu Educational Centre in Paraguay is a team dedicated to selling soaps made from yerba mate, a plant native to South America, that is harvested from the school's garden. This plant is usually used to make tea, but through the "learning by doing" philosophy the students adopted, they managed to produce the product and market it in different ways, like creating an Instagram page. The team made a profit of $140 USD in the first 5 months and is an example of cultural and native preservation!

Best Gold Annual Report

Team: Arushan: Explore The Unexplored

School: GD Goenka Public School Model Town

Country: India

unnamed (5).jpg

The ‘Arushan: Explore The Unexplored’ team from the GD Goenka Public School Model Town in India has a multi-faceted business, encompassing a nutritional cafeteria, organic farming and event organisation. In 2023, they continued their School Enterprise Challenge journey and diversified their business with an online library and plant care and delivery service, as well as beeswax wrapping. Not only do they have numerous ideas, but they have turned those ideas into a $9,304.20 USD profit. Part of these funds went to the organisation of an event that offers talks to students about life skills and business. This team excels at reinvesting their skills and profits for the betterment of their community.

Best Head Teacher (Principal) Award

Name: Ms. Taruna Mongia

School: Summer Fields School

Country: India

unnamed (49).png

Ms. Taruna Mongia is the school headmaster of the Summer Fields School in India. She is fully dedicated to the students and the business team because of her strong belief in the transformative power of skills in education, during the process she has established partnerships with local businesses and organised industry talks to bridge the gap between education and the professional world. She strongly believes that the School Enterprise Challenge is a transformative experience as a headmaster and teacher, influencing her professional performance, personal life, and future aspirations. She sees the potential to foster growth, satisfaction, and a lasting positive impact on her and all the teachers and students involved. “I have witnessed the positive outcomes of my student participation in these competitions for student-centred learning approaches. I strive to incorporate more project-based and  experiential learning initiatives in the future in my teaching practices”, she says.

Transformative Teaching Award

Name: Penny Barbara Mokwatlo

School: Leboneng Primary School

Country: South Africa

unnamed (8).jpg

Penny Barbara Mokwatlo, an Economic and Management Sciences teacher at Leboneng Primary School in South Africa, has demonstrated remarkable dedication to her students. Formerly teaching only 7th Grade learners, her involvement in the School Enterprise Challenge has expanded her reach to students from Grade 4 to 7, significantly increasing her impact within the school and community. Penny's commitment stems from her observation that many students she has taught since 2014 often drop out due to various challenges, including moderate learning disabilities, poverty, and socio-economic issues. This reality motivates her to empower her students with essential skills for self-sufficiency. Participation in the School Enterprise Challenge has provided Penny with invaluable insights into fostering a supportive environment where students can explore their creativity and develop their ideas. She recognises the importance of allowing students to express themselves, acknowledging that it facilitates mutual learning, enhances critical thinking, and nurtures creativity.

Enterprising Student Award

Name: Deborah Amara Iloham

School: Achara Layout Schools

Country: Nigeria

unnamed (9).jpg

Deborah Amara Iloha is an 18-year old student at Achara Layout Schools. Amidst challenging circumstances, including a severe economic crisis and political situations that caused inflation and financial strain for her community, Deborah's teacher had an idea. They suggested joining the School Enterprise Challenge to try to help with the financial struggles at home. But at first, not many people, including the school administration, wanted to join. Times were really tough, and it seemed like too much to take on. But Deborah saw it differently. She thought joining the programme could help support her family, so she decided to go for it. Her positive attitude made her stand out, and she became the team leader and class president. She even talked to the principal to get permission for the team to join.

Deborah's proactive approach included engaging with school authorities to secure permission for participation and mobilising support from parents, teachers, and local government officials through fundraising events and advocacy efforts. Her effective leadership and persuasive skills were evident in her successful coordination of meetings with politicians, ultimately securing the necessary resources for their business venture. Her ability to motivate and inspire her team members throughout the journey contributed significantly to their success.

After three months of dedicated effort, Deborah and her team successfully established their confectionery business, offering a variety of products such as cakes, pastries, buns, meat pies, and bread. Their diligent work yielded a remarkable profit of $1,297.68 USD!

Enterprising Student Runner-Up

Name: Juan José Andonie Larach

School: Instituto No Gubernamental Experimental La Salle

Country: Honduras

unnamed (11).jpg

Juan José Andonie, a 17-year-old student at La Salle, faced a unique challenge when tasked with leading a team of students who were previously strangers to each other. Despite the initial uncertainties, Juan José saw an opportunity to unite his team towards a common goal and stands out because of his exceptional leadership skills.

The team decided to create savoury snacks to meet the high demand within their school. Juan José identified each team member's strengths and focused on devising efficient methods for on-site food production and planning sale days.

Juan José likened managing his team to solving a puzzle, ensuring each member played a vital role in the operation. Their efforts paid off as they quickly became the go-to option for hungry customers during school breaks.

As their business grew, Juan José seized an opportunity to expand their product line by partnering with a classmate's father, who sold juices and horchata. They incorporated natural juices into their menu and introduced sweet treats, creating a mini food fair atmosphere.

Reflecting on their journey, Juan José takes pride in his team's hard work and dedication. Their profits were directed towards supporting a local school in need, reinforcing the group's sense of purpose and unity.

Sustainable Development Goals

Team: Vegetable Enterprise

School: Adumi Secondary School 

Country: Uganda

unnamed (51).png

The "Vegetable Enterprise" team from Adumi Secondary School in Uganda is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goal of Responsible Consumption and Production. By utilising a previously unused plot of land and leveraging local resources, they have transformed it into a thriving vegetable garden, cultivating cabbage and tomatoes. These carefully selected crops are intended to supplement the dietary needs of their fellow students. With guidance from their agriculture teachers and experienced farmers, the team ensures proper land management practices and maintenance. Their dedication has resulted in a profit of USD $274. In addition, the team has taken a proactive step towards promoting financial literacy by establishing a savings club. This initiative aims to instil a culture of saving among the students, fostering responsible financial habits.

Uganda, Katosi CU Primary School _ April 2016.jpg

"If I had not participated in the School Enterprise Challenge, I would not have had the idea of creating my own business initiative. My current goals are to grow my business idea and to continue studying of course, that is the basis for success!"

Participating student in Nicaragua

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