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Our Impact

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The School Enterprise Challenge supports schools in introducing entrepreneurship education to students and teachers.

Over the past 12 years, the School Enterprise Challenge has directly transformed the education and life chances of over 500,000 young people across 100 countries, impacting their lives and communities. Indirectly, our reach extends to over 4 million individuals, reflecting real, tangible change.

Enabling young people worldwide

500,000 young people gained vital 21st-century skills and business experience. Our programme equips students with essential skills like leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving.


Leading a new generation of entrepreneurship educators

Over 20,000 teachers trained, enabling them to deliver effective entrepreneurship education.

Providing schools with sustainable sources of revenue and impact

Schools have collectively generated 3.5 million USD for their school communities.


Inspirational Stories

Over the years, we've had some inspiring school businesses make their mark on their local communities through the School Enterprise Challenge. Read about some of their incredible success stories and the impact they've made not only in their schools but in the lives of those beyond.


Principals enabling hands-on learning through entrepreneurship education

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Meet Danny Dadson, the visionary educator behind Daddies Firm Foundation School in rural Ghana. With a background in both Building Technology and Business Administration, Danny knows the importance of practical learning experiences. His journey with the School Enterprise Challenge started when he sought an online program to bridge the gap between traditional education and real-world skills.


At his school, the focus shifted to hands-on entrepreneurship. The students, from juniors to the youngest nursery-age learners, actively participate in running the school farm. They cultivate crops and raise livestock, not just for sale but also for sustenance. Danny's students discovered the power of practical problem-solving through a SWOT analysis, leading to innovative solutions like rainwater harvesting to combat the dry season.


The impact extends beyond the school gates. Students take their newfound skills back to their parents, many of whom are fishermen and farmers, enriching their family businesses. Danny envisions his school becoming a model for entrepreneurial education in the community and inspiring other schools across Ghana.


Through the School Enterprise Challenge, Danny empowers young people with practical skills that not only shape their future but also create a positive ripple effect in their communities. Join us in celebrating educators like Danny who are lighting the way for generations to come!

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