In Step 2 your team will create its very own business plan and complete the Silver Business Plan Template.

To download the Business Guides, click on the links below:

NumberTopicLink to Mini GuideLink to Full Guide
5Market ResearchDownload Silver Mini Guide 5Download Silver Full Guide 5
6Operational PlanDownload Silver Mini Guide 6Download Silver Full Guide 6
7Marketing & Sales PlanDownload Silver Mini Guide 7Download Silver Full Guide 7
8Writing your Financial PlanDownload Silver Mini Guide 8Download Silver Full Guide 8
9Deciding how to spend your profitsDownload Silver Mini Guide 9Download Silver Full Guide 9

Remember to refer to our Achievement Criteria to see what the judges are looking for in a great Business Plan!

Check out this 1-minute video for top tips on how to complete a great Business Plan template!

To access all our Educational Videos, click here

Once you have completed your Business Plan template, click on Upload your Step 2 Business Plan and fill in the form to submit it before the next submission date.