Step 3 is the most exciting part of the programme as you get to launch and actually operate your school business, before completing your Bronze Annual Report Template.

To download the Business Guides, click on the links below:

NumberTopicLink to Mini GuideLink to Full Guide
10Getting ready to launch your businessDownload Bronze Mini Guide 10Download Bronze Full Guide 10
11Launching your businessDownload Bronze Mini Guide 11Download Bronze Full Guide 11
12Accounting & Record KeepingDownload Bronze Mini Guide 12Download Bronze Full Guide 12
13Managing your TeamDownload Bronze Mini Guide 13Download Bronze Full Guide 13
14Sustainability & Business DevelopmentDownload Bronze Mini Guide 14Download Bronze Full Guide 14

Remember to refer to our Achievement Criteria to see what the judges are looking for in a great Annual Report submission!

What this 1 minute video for top tips on how to complete a great Annual Report template.


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Once you have completed your Annual Report template, click on Upload your Step 3 Annual Report and fill in the form to submit it before the deadline!