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This week we will be sharing with you our top tips for great teamwork and leadership! Any school that has taken part in the School Enterprise Challenge will have seen  why these two skills are so important to setting up a business. These are two great skills which you can continue to develop AND are applicable no matter where you are in life!

Top tips to building a great team:
Great teamwork is the key ingredient in running a successful business. You can keep your team motivated through planning well so everyone is happy in the role they have been given! It is also important to show your team members how they are building lots of skills and developing personally by being involved in the School Business. Ensuring strong leadership is in place and getting creative with your team is also is also a great way of maintaining a positive team spirit. A team which is happy can coordinate and co-operate in any situation!

Read some inspiring examples from some of our schools around the world!
Many of our participants who took part in last year’s competition highlighted that they built on their leadership and teamwork skills when they sent their final reports back to us.

Students at Shanghai Pinghe show what teamwork means to them

Here are a couple of examples of schools which built on these skills especially well:
Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School in China set up a business selling DIY canvas bags and leaf bookmarks and noted the importance of teamwork in building a business. One of the challenges they faced was handling different opinions and views of team members in their meetings. Having someone in charge of managing and balancing the discussion was particularly helpful for them. They listened to and weighed up all opinions brought to the table, in order to make sure everyone in the team felt valued.

This is a great quote from them which sums up the value of teamwork:
‘We learned that business is cooperation. Our enterprise cannot materialize without each member’s contribution. Each member, to us, is important.’

Students at DLF Public School demonstrating teamwork

Students at DLF Public School demonstrating teamwork

DLF Public School in India harnessed leadership skills very well through their school business by integrating their project into the school curriculum. Their craft hut where they sold food and handmade crafts focused on building strong leadership qualities in all of the students.  Students did this by making strategies themselves and leading their own team meetings. The school even created a management team consisting of the principal, two teachers and 7 student leaders to lead the rest of the team of students involved.

Check your email and download your copy of Guide 13 on motivating your team now! After reading our guide on building a strong team, it’s now your turn! Why not try  planning a regular team-building exercise in your meetings where everyone can reflect on what has gone well and what needs to be improved- make sure you celebrate whenever you do achieve a goal!

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