Educational Videos

We have a set of 9 educational videos which are intended to support teachers with delivering the various business activities with their students.

The videos are filmed in schools which are taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge themselves so you’ll get to learn about real school businesses from all around the world!

Each video covers a different aspect of planning or running a school business and focuses on what we call ‘experiential teaching techniques'. You’ll hear teachers explain the various business concepts as well as how to teach them to students in a practical way.

Video 1: Coming up with a business idea

Video 2: Carrying out market research

Video 3: Competitor analysis and SWOT analysis

Video 4: Managing your school business

Video 5: Financial planning

Video 6: Action planning and problem solving

Video 7: Accounting and recordkeeping

Video 8: Growing your school business team

Video 9: Risk management

All 9 of our Educational Videos are available in a YouTube playlist here.

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