When you register for the School Enterprise Challenge you will have access to our full set of Educational Materials for your Award Level (Bronze, Silver or Gold). These free and easy-to-use resources support teachers and students to set up a real business at their school: From coming up with a business idea to writing the business plan and actually launching and running the business!

Filled with activities and real-life examples, the materials are designed to support teachers around the world in delivering enterprise education in a fun and innovative way. All the School Enterprise Challenge educational materials are available in English and Spanish.

If you’re a school who has registered to participate in the programme this year, click here to log in and download the educational materials (Business Guides and Submission Templates).

If you have not registered to participate in the programme this year yet, you will need to register by clicking here to access the educational materials (Business Guides and Submission Templates).

14 Business Guides for your Award Level

The Business Guides take teachers and students of all ages through each step of the business planning process. In each guide you’ll find helpful templates, lesson plans and top tips which can be used flexibly to fit a variety of school timetables and calendars around the world!

You can view an example of one of the Business Guides here. The table below shows a summary of the topics covered in the Bronze Level. For a detailed list of the topics covered in the Bronze Level click here and for the Silver Level click here.


3 Submission Templates for your Award Level

Each step of the programme (1. Business Idea; 2. Business Plan; 3. Annual Report) has a corresponding template for student business teams to complete and submit to us. Each time you submit a completed template you have the chance to win prizes! Schools which submit all 3 completed templates and meet the Achievement Criteria will receive their Level Certificate to recognise their fantastic achievements.


Extra Resources

As well as the core Business Guides, student business teams also have access to additional educational materials. These handy documents help with topics like raising your start-up capital and engaging your local community.

Educational Videos

To support teachers with the teaching business concepts we have a set of educational videos which are publicly available. You can view all the educational videos on our YouTube channel.

“The School Enterprise Challenge genuinely gets students excited about learning. The support you provide through guides and resources really makes it easy for educators to implement the business, as it is a step-by-step guide.” – Teacher at Tamani Foundation School, Tanzania