Teachers and Head Teachers are a vital part of the School Enterprise Challenge; it’s them that bring the School Enterprise Challenge to life! Not only is the programme a great way of helping your students to build business and soft skills, it will also contribute to your own Continued Professional Development (CPD). We think it is important to reward teachers who work hard to make the Challenge a success in their schools. We want to recognise teachers and head teachers who have used the School Enterprise Challenge to improve education at their school, and who have spread its benefits beyond their own school, so we created these awards to celebrate the achievements of our most outstanding teachers and head teachers.

Raminder Mac (Choithram School, India) – 2016 Inspirational Teacher Winner

English teacher and Dean of International Affairs Ms Raminder Mac has gone beyond the call of duty in her work with Choithram School’s business, ‘Good Earth’. She has shown extraordinary dedication, investing many hours after school and during holidays in setting up the business. She fostered a feeling of ownership amongst the students by running regular brainstorming sessions and communicating through a WhatsApp Group. She integrated lots of different subjects into the business curriculum, inviting different teachers to share their expertise and assist in developing the business. She also designed templates for different financial documents to enable her students to easily understand the financial position of the business.

Ms Mac’s hard work has not only benefitted Choithram School. She sent her students to speak on a local TV and radio channel, and she has ensured that the school business is regularly covered in the local newspapers. As a result, four additional schools have taken part in the School Enterprise Challenge. She also invited students from an orphanage to learn the art of making handicrafts from the school students, as well as organising visits of Choithram School students to underprivileged areas to distribute books, musical instruments, solar lamps and school bags bought from the profits they had generated.

As her school Principal says, “Ms. Mac believes it is imperative to empower the students with core skills and competencies to be a part of the global economy… Her vision fostered the building up of 21st century skills amongst the learners.”

Raúl Jiménez (Conalep Aguascalientes IV, Mexico) – 2016 Inspirational Teacher Runner-Up

As employability coordinator at Conalep IV Aguascalientes in Mexico, Raúl’s motto is: ‘invest in young people for a better world’. Participating in the School Enterprise Challenge for the third successive year, he has gone to great lengths to promote the programme, creating links with the Secretary of Education, attending numerous forums and conferences and successfully applying for 3 grants. He has worked tirelessly to promote the value of entrepreneurship education and has played a key role in the School Enterprise Challenge being built into the curriculum at his school. This fantastic achievement has allowed even more students to benefit from taking part.

Lyonga William Mumbe (Bishop Rogan College, Cameroon) – 2016 Inspirational Teacher Runner-Up

Mr Lyonga William Mumbe is the Co-Curricular Activities Coordinator at Bishop Rogan College, Cameroon, and has shown extraordinary commitment to the School Enterprise Challenge since 2014. He has been a source of great motivation to students, parents, teachers and alumni alike. He has even developed his own model, Linking Learning Environments, which encourages students to share their experiences and skills at home, at school and in their local community. He also secured a $1,000 grant to develop the business, and he has successfully applied for a new multimedia centre which will allow the school to better publicise its businesses through social media.

After attending the Education That Pays For Itself’ conference held by Teach a Man to Fish in Delhi, India, Lyonga William used the new skills and ideas he acquired to host a seminar at Bishop Rogan College, bringing together teachers from surrounding schools. Through his connection with the local bishop, businesses have been introduced in 20 nearby schools, and he is seeking to publicise the School Enterprise Challenge in new areas.

The school Principal, Rev. Fr. Isaac Anuchem, says: “Mr. Lyonga has been a great model in his local community, especially for young social entrepreneurs. He has encouraged a good number of students and teachers of other schools and youths on the importance and benefits of entrepreneurship.”

J. Mahalakshmi (Bangalore International Public School, India) – 2016 Head Teacher Winner

Mrs. J. Mahalakshmi is Head Teacher at Bangalore International Public School, and has been instrumental in guiding and motivating the school business team. She made herself available and approachable to all, whether parents or staff, students or visitors, management or principals. She organised demonstrations by well-known local personalities to benefit the team, and she taught the sales and accounts team how to use Microsoft Excel and HTML, saving them the effort of recording their accounts manually. She promoted the School Enterprise Challenge to local principals, and offered them partnership and guidelines to help them get started. She’s also actively promoted the School Enterprise Challenge on social media and has ensured that the school business is regularly covered in the local press.

The students themselves nominated their Head Teacher for the award, saying that she was “the backbone of this entire challenge”. In their words: “With her simplicity, encouragement and inspiring words she motivated our young army to achieve success”. The teachers agree: “Mrs. Mahalakshmi has shown a perfect competitor’s spirit in each and every activity of SEC and percolated it right to the primary graders. She has left no stone unturned to make this a roaring success.”