Find out what it's like to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge from the participants themselves!

A young girl with curly hair smiling at the camera

"If I had not participated in the School Enterprise Challenge, I would not have had the idea of creating my own business initiative.

My current goals are to grow my business idea and to continue studying of course, that is the basis for success!"

- Participating student in Nicaragua

“Community is our biggest strength. We always keep the needs and problems of our community in mind while we plan the functioning of the business every year. ”

- Participating students in India

A group photo of students in uniform on some steps outside making the peace sign and holding a banner with the word 'gold'.
A boy with a face mask and a blue T-shirt looking at a succulent and other plants outside.

"Before taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge, I didn't know what a Business Plan was.

I’ve enjoyed learning how to run a business because having our own roles within the team has developed our sense of responsibility."

- Participating student in Honduras

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