Our impact

Young people and teachers who take part in the School Enterprise Challenge get the chance to develop a wide range of business skills as well as essential life skills.

And the impact doesn't stop there... the money generated from business activities can be used to
make improvements at your school or to help your local community!

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for everyone. The Coronavirus pandemic forced schools all around the world to close, hugely disrupting young people's education.

Despite these challenging conditions, many teams found ways to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge (you can read more about this here). You can see the impact data below!

Statistics including: 26,206 students gained life skills and more than $92,000 of income was generated.

In 2019 we asked teachers to tell us how taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge impacted their students. Here's what they had to say!

Results of the survey showing that more than 90% of teachers saw students' skills improve because of the School Enterprise Challenge

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