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Kariba South Primary School, Zambia

School Business: Tailoring Centre

Kariba website

Through their involvement in the School Enterprise Challenge, Kariba South School has established a successful tailoring business, making school uniforms, bags and aprons. They recently expanded their product range into fabric decorations which have proved really popular! They have generated an impressive profit by using second-hand materials and by finding new markets in Zambia and the UK!

The students have reinvested their profits into the school, which has enabled them to build a girls latrine block and a house for their teacher! The 20 students involved have developed valuable practical skills in product design, cutting patterns and sewing, as well as experience in business planning, record keeping and finances.

“The Young Tailors Club is very important to me because I can now make a living from sewing. When I grow up I will start my own business making skirts, dresses, bags, aprons and school uniforms for my community.”


Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India

School Business: Udaan Creating Identity

Kulachi Hansraj websiteKulachi Hansraj School was inspired by the School Enterprise Challenge to set up Udaan Creating Identity. They’ve grown from a team of 20, to more than 100 students involved in 4 businesses:

Udaan Food, a catering service focused on nutrition; Udaan Handicrafts, a bazaar which sells products made by creative students; Udaan Planet, that transforms waste materials into useful objects, and; Udaan Fun Zone to offer games and activities for kids!

With their profit they paid for scholarships for students in need. Both students and teachers have enormously benefited from the project! They’ve learnt about teamwork and leadership and developed business skills. And most importantly, they have been empowered!

“I have learned how to lead a team, how to be responsible and how to earn money. My selfconfidence has grown. I now really want to start my own fashion business when I leave school.”