Whether you are brand new to the School Enterprise Challenge or you’ve participated before and are in need of some fresh inspiration… click below to see a few of the wonderful Business Ideas, Business Plans and Annual Reports that schools have submitted to us!

Eveline Girls High School, Zimbabwe

Bronze Level Business Idea

This creative group of girls came up with 5 very different business ideas before finally deciding on ‘XpreXions Unlimited’, a talent identification and development service. You can read about the whole process in their business idea here.

Happy Days Nursery and Primary School, Uganda

Bronze Level Business Plan

This enterprising group of students came up with the idea of creating ‘tippy taps’, devices which capture rain water to wash hands without touching a tap! This socially-minded venture was based on extensive market research with members of their local community. You can read their business plan here.

GGUPS Sallada, India

Bronze Level Annual Report

These innovative girls found a great opportunity for their under-explored product,and by using design-thinking innovation and acknowledging the importance of customer feedback they made it succeed. You can read the annual report for their reusable sanitary pads business here.

Namong Methodist High School, Ghana

Silver Level Business Idea

This group of students learned from their previous experience and chose a different path from the school business which they ran on the Bronze Level. They also capitalised on the skills learned in their Home Economics class and crocheted their way to a successful business idea! You can read all their submission here.

MET Rishikul Vadyalaya, India

Silver Level Business Plan

These students certainly don’t mind getting their hands dirty when planning a business. Their submission laid out comprehensively how they planned to sell their recycled compost, plants and gardening services. Their clear team structure and acknowledgement of strengths and weaknesses is worth looking at. Have a read here.

DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar, India

Silver Level Annual Report

This school’s crayon and candle recycling business not only helps give discarded materials a new life, but it also helps their community through the donation of some of their profit to charity. What is more, the business is developed in a very organized way and we can all learn from these students and how they keep track through stock management and meeting minutes. Their Annual Report submission is available here.