Once registered to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge you will have access to all of our educational materials which include:

All of our educational materials are easy to use and are adapted for each level of participation: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can find a description of each of these materials along with examples below.

Note : If you have already registered to take part in 2020, you can access all the educational materials by logging in here. If you haven't registered yet, make sure you do so before 31st April 2020 by clicking here

Business Guides

The Business Guides are at the centre of taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge. They contain explanations about all the business concepts your team of students and teachers will need to understand as well as the activities you will need to carry out in order to set up a business at your school. From coming up with a business idea to writing a business plan and actually launching your business, these guides will help you every step of the way!

Each of the 3 levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) has its own set of 14 Business Guides. On the Bronze and Silver Levels, you will find 2 versions of each Business Guide: ‘mini’ and ‘full’. Below is an overview of the topics covered in each Business Guide.

You can view an example of a 'mini' Business Guide here and a 'full' Business Guide here.

For a detailed list of the topics covered in the Bronze Level click here.

For a detailed list of the topics covered in the Silver Level click here.

For a detailed list of the topics covered in the Gold Level click here.

Educational Videos

We have a set of 9 Educational Videos which are intended to support teachers with delivering the various business activities with their students.

The videos are filmed in schools which are taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge themselves so you’ll get to learn about real school businesses from all around the world!

Each video covers a different aspect of planning or running a school business and focuses on what we call ‘experiential’ teaching techniques. You’ll hear teachers explain the various business concepts as well as how to teach them to students in a practical way.

You can watch a selection of 3 of our 9 Educational Videos by clicking the icons below:

All 9 of our Educational Videos are available in a YouTube playlist here.

Submission Templates


As teams work their way through the Business Guides and carry out the various activities they are required to bring the results to the 3 Submission Templates:

  • Step 1 - Business Idea

  • Step 2 - Business Plan

  • Step 3 - Annual Report

You can view an example of a Business Plan Submission Template here.

Business Plan and Annual Report Templates are assessed by the judges against the Achievement Criteria. Make sure to refer to these Criteria before uploading because they tell you exactly what an ‘exceptional’ Business Plan and Annual Report look like!

All teams which submit a Business Plan will receive tailored feedback from the judges to help them ahead of actually launching their school business.

And don’t forget, each time you submit a completed template you have the chance to win prizes!

Extra Resources


Finally, we have a number of ‘extra’ resources to support you on your school business journey such as Raising the Start-Up Capital and Engaging the Local Community.

If you have any questions about the Educational Materials of the School Enterprise Challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us by email to info@schoolenterprisechallenge.org or by WhatsApp to +44 77 22 481 841.