School Enterprise Challenge 2018 Prize Winners


Thanks to the ongoing support from The Saville Foundation and ICM Limited, we were able to award over $50,000 in cash prizes, laptops, cameras and places to international forums to schools that participated in the School Enterprise Challenge 2018.


Step 3 Prize Winners – Business Implementation

Top Global Winner – Spring Days School, India

Africa Regional Winner (Bronze) – Greensprings School Lekki, Nigeria

Africa Regional Winner (Bronze) – Authentic International Academy, Rwanda

The Americas Regional Winner (Silver) – Escuela Básica 7474 Privada Bautista Luz de Esperanza, Paraguay

The Americas Regional Winner (Bronze) – Colegio Carlos Fonseca Amador, Nicaragua

Asia Pacific Regional Winner (Silver) – Arjun Boarding High School, Nepal

Asia Pacific Regional Winner (Bronze) – G.D. Goenka Public School Model Town,   India

Kenya Country Prize* – Shammah Children’s Centre, Kenya

Uganda Country Prize* – St. Andrwe Kaggwa Gombe High School Kawaala, Uganda

Rwanda Country Prize* – Groupe Scolaire Gahanga 1, Rwanda

Nicaragua Country Prize* – Escuela Emprendedora, Nicaragua

Guatemala Country Prize* – Núcleo Familiar Educativo para El Desarrollo No. 168, Guatemala

Honduras Country Prize* – C.E.B. Republica de Alemania N° 2, Honduras

India Country Prize* – Satya Bharti Adarsh Sr. Secondary School Rauni, India

Step 2 Prize Winners – Business Plans

Top Global Winner – Corona Secondary School Agbara, Nigeria

Africa Regional Winner (Silver) – Groupe Scolaire Liba, Rwanda

Africa Regional Winner (Bronze) – Makerere College School, Mulawa Campus, Uganda

The Americas Regional Winner (Silver) – Instituto Oficial Guaimaca, Honduras

The Americas Regional Winner (Bronze) – Núcleo Familiar Educativo para El Desarrollo No. 519, Guatemala

Asia Pacific Regional Winner (Silver) – The Mann School, India

Asia Pacific Regional Winner (Bronze) – Habib Girls’ School, Pakistan

Kenya Country Prize* – Lodokejek Primary School, Kenya

Nicaragua Country Prize* – Escuela Aurora González de Gutiérrez, Nicaragua

Guatemala Country Prize* – Liceo Canadiense Roosevelt, Guatemala

Honduras Country Prize* – Escuela Mercedes Calderón, Honduras

India Country Prize* – Maharaja Aggarsain Adarsh Public School, India


Step 1 Prize Winners – Business Ideas

Best Business Idea – Hillcrest High School, South Africa

Best Business Idea – Instituto Técnico Obdulio Lezama, Honduras

Best Business Idea – New Generation Secondary School, Uganda

Best Business Idea – Amnuay Silpa School, Thailand

Special Category Prizes

Best Buddy Schools of the year – St Charles Primary School & Kuajok English Training College, South Sudan

NEW Gender Equality Champions of the Year – Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame de Bon Conseil, Rwanda

NEW Digital Business of the Year – Eveline Girls High School, Zimbabwe

NEW ‘Going for Gold’ Traiblazers – M.L. Khanna DAV Public School Dwarka, India

Special Recognition Prize – Muyenga High School, Uganda


Enterprising Student Award

Winner – Ayelen Abigail Ascona González (Escuela Básica N° 4979 San Pablo), Paraguay

Runner Up – M.V. Kiran Sooraj (Johnson Grammar School), India

Runner Up – Queen Cyprain (Government Technical College), Nigeria


Inspirational Teacher Award

Winner – Divya Sharma (M.L.Khanna DAV Public School), India

Runner Up – Baalongbuoro Cletus (Business Senior High School Tamale), Ghana

Runner Up – Nnamso Esu (Government Technical College), Nigeria

Head Teacher Award

Winner – Lisa Carolina Rios de Lopes (Escuela Básica Nº 7474 Bautista Luz de Esperanza)


Tanzania & Ghana – Sponsored by Resolute

Thanks to the ongoing support from Resolute, we were able to award seven sponsored prizes to schools in Tanzania and Ghana for all steps of the programme.

Annual Report, Winner* – Braeburn International School Arusha, Tanzania

Annual Report, Runner Up* – Sega Girls’ Secondary School, Tanzania

Annual Report, Winner* – Business Senior High School, Ghana

Business Plan, Winner* – Sam Boachie Senior High School, Ghana

Business Plan, Runner Up* – Bishop Herman College, Ghana

Business Idea, Winner* – Nissi International School, Ghana

Business Idea, Winner* – Presby Senior High School Begoro, Ghana


*Country Prizes are given in countries in which we work with partners