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Country: India
City/Town: Raipur
District/State/Province: Chhattisgarh
School Type: Mixed
Business Type Crafts/Handicrafts
Language English
About Our School The school prepares the students as Global Citizens of future with scientific approach and quest for knowledge. Overcoming the narrow boundaries of fear, superstitions and dogmas, our students grow and develop with free spirit, broader vision and enlightened mind. Value Education Stress is being laid on value education to inculcate moral values, ethics and Indian culture among the students. It is developed through singing National song, reciting Shlokas, narrating religious stories and celebrating the birth anniversaries of saints, scholars and great leaders. National Integrity The school encourages harmony and peace by giving equal importance and showing equal respect to all religions. Discrimination on the basis of caste creed, colour, religion are discouraged creating an atmosphere of unity, integrity and brotherhood.