Why take part?

There are so many reasons to take part in the School Enterprise Challenge!

It is a practical programme which enables young people to develop skills which are not covered in the classroom (experiential learning).

It also provides teachers with
real-life examples to bring their teaching to life and allows them to develop new teaching practices (experiential teaching).

All participants in the programme are part of a
global community of enterprising schools which provides lots of inspiration and is a place for collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Two girls sitting at a table outside counting money

Benefits for young people


  • Get practical experience running a real business

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills

    • Creativity

    • Analysis

    • Financial management

    • Growth mindset

  • Develop key life skills

    • Communications

    • Teamwork

    • Leadership

    • Problem solving

  • Be part of a global movement of young entrepreneurs!

Close-up of a male teacher outside smiling at the camera

Benefits for teachers


  • Get access to a wide variety of teaching materials

    • Business guides with explanations + activities

    • Explainer videos

    • Mini-competitions: ready-made challenges for your students

  • Learn about business (this has many benefits in your personal life!)

  • Ability to bring academic subjects to life through real-life examples

  • Develop new teaching techniques

  • Boost your CV

  • Gain recognition and have the chance to win prizes

Female teacher smiling in a classroom with a Teach A Man To Fish T-shirt on

"For teachers, the School Enterprise Challenge creates a nice bond with students, different to our normal relationship. They see us as bringing something very practical which I think they enjoy!"

- Participating teacher in Uganda

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