Teach A Man To Fish takes Child Protection very seriously.

We believe that keeping children safe is a central concern for all those working to broaden children’s access to education and to reduce poverty. Child protection is crucial to ensuring that children under 18 years of age have the rights, confidence and environment in which they can make choices, express their views and communicate effectively with other children and adults. Children cannot become empowered change agents to improve their lives and that of their families and communities if they are not aware of their right to be safe from abuse and safeguarded from abuse, discrimination and harm of any kind, be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect.

In relation to school businesses Teach A Man To Fish believes that student well-being overrides all other considerations, particularly business profit.

Schools participating in the School Enterprise Challenge must make sure that any business that is set up benefits the learning of the students.

If you would like to read our complete Child Protection Policy, please click here to download it.