The School Enterprise Challenge Awards Programme is FREE to join and offers a wide range of learning benefits and award opportunities for both students and teachers. It is also an opportunity to generate extra income for your school!

Check out some of the benefits below:


Every participating school will have the opportunity to earn their Award Level certificate. Our supporting emails containing educational materials will guide you through every step of the process. You will have access to some exciting opportunities along the way, including school partnerships, business mentors and mini-competitions.

We will be rewarding the most enterprising schools, students and teachers with a range of cash prizes, conference places, laptops and cameras. We have a total prize fund of $50,000 (USD) to give away to schoolsClick here to see the full list of prizes available in 2017.

If your school is ready to start taking part, click here to registerOr, if you need to first seek permission from your school administration to take part, click the following links to download our useful letter seeking permission to take part and presentation for teachers.