About the School Enterprise Challenge

The School Enterprise Challenge is an international business programme for schools.
It helps young people all around the world to develop business skills and essential life skills.

In the School Enterprise Challenge it is the students that take the lead, with teachers playing a supporting role, to complete 3 steps: 

Students and teachers discussing their business plan whilst sitting around a desk

Step 1:

Come up with your own

Two students standing in front of a bookshelf while one interviews the other.

Step 2:

Create your  sustainable

Students serving younger children ice cream outside

Step 3:

your school-based business

Two young participants from Uganda hold up their products (soap and perfume)

"The school business has helped me develop my interpersonal skills and help me improve on my arithmetic grades. The entrepreneurship knowledge has made me become skilled and I can now manage a small enterprise."

- School Enterprise Challenge participant in Uganda

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